Note: Users may have to logout of the Zoom Desktop Client and login to it again for some settings to take affect.

Main Profile Settings (Website)

There are many settings in Zoom.  Many of the settings are in our Zoom profile that you access on your web browser via the Zoom website (

Profile Settings (Client Application)

Many settings are also within the Zoom client application. If you wish to look at the recommended settings for the client application click the link below.
The following list will refer to the Settings option on the website.
To find these items you will have to scroll through the Settings screen to find the ones referred to in this list.

List of Recommended Profile Settings (Website)

List of 8 items.

  • Password

    Turn these options off. (Optional)
    This will set the password feature off by default for meetings.
    I don't recommend having a password on your meeting unless you need one for a particular reason.
  • Mute upon entry

    Turn this option ON.
    Turning this on with make this option on by default for meetings you create. It's useful so student don't make a lot of noise as soon as they enter the meeting.
  • Private Chat

    Turn this option off.
    This will prevent students from being able to talk privately with each other.
  • Play sound on join or leave

    Turn this setting ON.
    Select Heard by host only. <Save>
    You will hear a small ding sound when student enter or leave the meeting.
  • Hold and Control Toolbar

    Turn these settings ON.
  • Screen Sharing

    This setting should already be on. 
    Select "Host Only" <Save>
    This will prevent students from sharing what is on their screen which can be disruptive.
  • Remote Control

    Turn this option off.
    This will turn off the abilty of giving control of your computer to a student.
  • Attention Tracking

    Turn this option ON.

    The meeting will show an indicator that will tell you if the student has something else over lesson/meeting (potentially not paying attention).

Really Cool Settings

List of 2 items.

  • Nonverbal Feedback

    Turn this option on.
    This option gives more feeback controls to you and the students, providing a bit more interactivity than you normally would.
  • Breakout Room

    Turn this option ON.
    This very cool feature allows you to dynamiclly seperate students into groups. (I recommend you set this up while the meeting is in session so it knows what participants you want to put into seperate rooms.)
    You will be able to move your students around to differernt rooms if needed
    You'll also be able to drop into different rooms when you want to hear or see what has been talked about.

Per Meeting Settings.

We also recommend this every time you Schedule a new Meeting.
When you get to the section about Time, go further down until you see the option "Recurring meeting."
  • Check the box for Recurring meeting.
  • For Reacurrence you can specify frequency from a drop down menu. 
  • Select No Fixed Time.

The No Fixed Time setting will remove any time information from the meeting.  This will allow you to easily resume the meeting over and over without needing to change the time. Additionly you won't have to deal with multiple versions of the same meeting populating your upcoming meeting list.
Simply start the appropriate meeting when it's time and end it when needs to end.

(When you end a meeting don't forget to end it for all participants.)