Department Philosophy

The aim of the Hunter Science Department is that all students will become informed citizens who apply scientific thinking to problems, evaluate claims on the basis of evidence, and explore the connections between science and society. We provide a rich science curriculum that supports these goals while serving the needs of students who pursue careers in the sciences. We aim to inspire more of our students to study science at an advanced level and provide them with a strong foundation. Hands-on investigations and projects are central to science education. Therefore, all of our core courses include a laboratory component.

Five years of science are required. The middle school years focus on Earth and Life Systems in grade 7 and Physical Science in grade 8, each with a required science fair project. Our high school sequence includes one year each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Each of these courses has a laboratory component. Physics may be taken in either junior or senior year. Elective science courses are offered in rotation and subject to enrollment and staff availability. In addition, we currently offer Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Science Research

Our Science Research Seminar program (SRS) advises students interested in doing mentored science research in grades 10-12. These students meet in weekly seminars for the purpose of peer review and individually with a faculty advisor to assess progress toward their goals. Interested students may apply in any year, starting in the spring of 9th grade. Our Advanced Science Research Seminar program (ASRS) is for those who have already worked on a research project with a scientist and are interested in presenting their research or entering research competitions. Students in SRS and ASRS organize and run our annual Science Research Symposium in the spring.
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