Students at Hunter College High School have access to many services that support their educational experience.

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Learning Services

Hunter College High School recognizes that at times, students need additional academic support. A number of resources are available to help our students.

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  • Support Resources

    The High School has a Learning Resource Center which is located within the library which is run by the Learning Specialist. Students may receive support at the Learning Resource Center through Teacher, Counselor or Administrator referral or a student may access the resource by simply walking in.
    • The English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies departments all offer “drop-in” academic tutoring sessions taught by teachers that students may attend regularly or on an as-needed basis.
    • High School peer-tutors can be arranged in certain circumstances to assist students with particular coursework. Tutors may receive Community Service Credit for their volunteer work.  Students wishing to be matched up with a tutor may speak to their classroom teacher, their Counselor, the Department Chair or the Learning Specialist.
    • Teachers, Counselors and Administrators meet at times in Student Support Teams (SST) to discuss the academic needs of a HCHS student. The team discusses a student’s academic performance and may recommend additional support for students in order to meet their unique, individual, academic, social and emotional needs. These services may include working with the learning specialist, assigning tutoring and/or meeting with a school counselor or Psychology Fellow.  In some cases, the school may request that a Psycho-Education Evaluation be completed by an outside tester in order to provide a fuller understanding of a child’s academic and/or emotional challenges.   
    • The Campus Schools has a 504 Coordinator, who is the contact person for all families, K-12, with a 504 Plan or who are in process of requesting a 504 Plan.
    • The New York City Department of Education Division of Special Education works with our K-12 Liaison, through a Manhattan Committee on Special Education.
  • Section 504 Policy

    Students accepted into HCHS may already have an Individualized Education Program (“IEP”),an Individualized Education Services Plan (“IESP”) or a plan for disability accommodations under Section 504 (“504 Plan”) from a prior school or program. The parents of such students are asked to notify HCCS and to provide HCCS with any 504 Plan, IEP or IESP (through a letterincluded in the admission acceptance packet or shortly thereafter), that also indicates that the parents want the services to continue.

    Because HCCS is not a public school but a “parent placement school,” upon accepting and attending HCCS, an IEP becomes an IESP which is the kind of program available to students in non-public (or private) schools.

    While IEPs or IESPs travel with the students from school to school and the DOE services defined in a student’s IESP are available to HCHS students, it is important to note, however, that DOE personnel are not assigned to perform services in non-public or private schools. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the family to identify, meet with, choose and schedule, out-of-schoolservices for their child. The DOE regularly compiles provider lists for these services. As a parent placement school, the Campus Schools must rely upon the parent to assume all responsibility for student scheduling of IESP services that occur outside of regular school hours.

    504 Plans are school specific; if the student has a prior 504 Plan, upon accepting admission to HCCS, the parent should initiate a request to HCCS for an evaluation in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Hunter College Campus School Section 504 Policy Statement.
  • Tutoring-After School & Resource Rooms

    HCHS students have many options when seeking additional academic support.  We encourage students to talk directly with their teacher, counselor and advisor about the different tutoring opportunities. Many departments also help match students up with peer tutors.


At Hunter College High School, the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation offers Full-Fare or Half-Fare MetroCards to our eligible students. HCHS distributes student MetroCards to eligible students at the beginning of each semester of the school year. Student MetroCards are distinct from MetroCards used by the general public.

The student MetroCard is valid on subways and buses for one semester every Monday-Friday from 5:30am to 8:30pm. It is never valid on Express buses. Furthermore, In an effort to alleviate student commutes, Hunter College High School participates in the Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road monthly school commutation program for eligible students.

Eligibility is determined by the NYC Office of Pupil Transportation based upon the student's legal address on file with the school. The school cannot change, or override, this determination.

Breakfast & Lunch Programs

SchoolFood ensures that free breakfast and lunch is available for all students. Daily, HCHS offers two breakfast models, a hot breakfast in the cafeteria and “Grab and Go” (a brown bag cold breakfast of fruit, cereal and milk) in the HCCS Lobby. Lunch is served in the cafeteria, though students may also bring lunch from home. HCHS is an open campus and students may leave during a free period or lunch time to buy lunch in the neighborhood.

Employment Certificate "Working Papers"


In NYS, anyone ages 14 to 17 (minors), including college students, high school graduates, married students, and volunteer workers, must obtain an employment certificate before they may begin work. Many people call this “working papers."

To obtain an employment certificate, students must fill out an Application for Employment Certificate (see below), evidence of age (Birth Certificate, etc.) and present documentation of a physical exam from a school or private physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner licensed to practice within New York State. Said examination must have been given within 12 months prior to issuance of the employment certificate.

Next, students must submit it to the designated person in the high school or middle school that they attend. NYS schools can also provide information on employment certification and provide working papers when a school does not (e.g., schools are closed, out-of-state students).

The school will then issue an employment certificate to the student.
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