Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance knowledge, improve professional practice and pedagogy to increase support for well rounded individuals who will make healthy life choices and participate in a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities. We want every student to enjoy their experience in the six years that they are involved in our Health & Physical Education Program.

Vision Statement

We envision a school environment where all  individual students possess the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in physical activity and do so in a manner that promotes healthy lifestyles. We will accomplish this by:
  • Maintaining the curriculum standards that state has mandated for students to successfully complete the requirements in health and physical education
  • Encourage and support our department members to remain current in their professional development to increase their understanding and knowledge of best practices.
  • Provide forums, such as health fairs and workshops to create awareness of the current health issues that affect the way in which we make healthy life choices.
  • Provide students with choices of physical activities that not only promote participation in team and individual sports but also teach skills that can be used to maintain healthy fitness and activity levels.
  • Provide students who have physical limitations a program to maintain healthy fitness levels through differentiated learning.

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  • Guiding Principles and Core Values

    Every student will be required to successfully complete the physical education requirement according to the state mandate.
    Students will receive rigorous instruction in each unit of instruction. Differentiated  modified activities will be provided for students with physical limitations. Students will also participate in skills analysis  through blackboard assignments and video-taping.

    All health education instruction will provide the most current information and resources to assist students in making healthy life choices and decisions.
    AIDS, STD and Stress Workshops in addition to a Health Fair will be conducted during the school year. A resource library for current health information will be accessible students in our Health Resource Center.  Students will also participate in the “Baby Program” and CPR Certification program and will be assessed on their performance and outcomes.

    Parents will be involved in monitoring their health and physical fitness levels.
    Parents will receive a fitness report card indicating their child’s level of fitness. This will be tracked through the student’s career at Hunter.
  • Health Education Required Course of Study

    Grade 7
    Students define and apply personal fitness goals through use of various individual and group projects. Curriculum components include alcohol, drug, use and misuse, human growth and development, reproduction, human sexuality and interpersonal communications.
    Grade 8
    This course focuses on making healthy life decisions. Topics include stress management, intentional and unintentional injury prevention, physical fitness, nutrition and weight control, adolescence and puberty human sexuality including HIV/AIDS education and substance  abuse  and use.
    Grade 9
    This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide basic care for breathing and cardiac emergencies until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.
    Grade 10
    The focus in the 10th grade is on helping students to understand relationships between mental and physical health. Specific topics include sex role development, human sexual anatomy and response, infertility and sexual dysfunctions, contraception, fetal development, options for unplanned pregnancy, sexual behaviors and orientation, and sexually transmitted  infections.  Our  "Baby Program" is  also  incorporated  in  this curriculum.
  • Physical Education Required Course of Study

    Grade 7
    Introduces students to the requirements and expectations of the entire Physical Education Program.
    Grade 8
    Focuses on individual skills such as swimming and team sports (Soccer/Volleyball).
    Grade 9
    The focus with the 9th grade is on team and individual sports (flag football, basketball, floor hockey, softball, track and field, softball and lacrosse.
    Grade 10
    This curriculum gives our students the opportunity to participate in lifetime physical education activities including racquetball and strength and resistance training. There is also a fitness unit in our 10th grade curriculum.
    Grade 11-12
    11th & 12th graders are given the opportunity to selective one of 22 courses we offer each semester.  These courses include: Aerobics &  Palates, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling/Ice Skating, Camping/Canoeing,  Fencing, Flag  Football ,  Floor Hockey/Lacrosse,  Folk , Square Ballroom Dancing, Inline Skating, Lifeguard Training, Martial Arts, Racquetball, Rock Climbing, Soccer,  Yoga, Ultimate Games, Volleyball, Water Polo and Weight Training.

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