Hunter College Campus Schools serves a diverse community of learners.  HCCS faculty and staff strive to create an inclusive learning community where all students can find the resources and support systems developmentally needed to thrive intellectually, academically and socially. Students with disabilities and specific learning needs are an integral part of our community.

At HCCS, we work with families to provide instruction with appropriate levels of support so that all students have the opportunity to be successful.

If you suspect your child has a disability, HCCS supports families as they navigate the processes of documentation and service acquisition.  Traditionally, this has been by assisting families with finding evaluators, attending CSE meetings and coordinating services provided through Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS).
If your child has attended a NYC DOE school, you may be familiar with the term IEP (Individualized Education Plan), as HCCS is not a public school, access to services is through an IESP (Individualized Education Service Program).
General Overview
An IESP, or an Individualized Education Service Program is a document that highlights services and supports for your child.

An IESP is given to a child who attends a private school or parentally-placed in a non-public school.

The curriculum is provided by the school and an IESP is developed by the school to offer related services and any additional supports that are needed to accompany or supplement the child’s program in his/her school.
Important Meetings for Students with IESPs
Initial request - parents complete an initial request to determine whether their child has a learning disability that is affecting their academic performance. The recommendation for this can be made by the child’s teacher, school psychologist or another person part of the student support team.

Re-evaluation - parents request a reevaluation to update the services that their child is already receiving. This is determined by evaluating the child again to see if they still require the recommended services outlined in their individualized education service program (IESP). At times, parents may discover that their child requires additional support. A reevaluation can determine what additional services should be provided. Essentially, a re-evaluation can add and remove services based on the results of the evaluation.
Reconvene - parents, the school support team and the Committee on Special Education will meet during the school year and before the child’s annual meeting to determine if services can be added or removed. Depending on the service, a re-evaluation is not necessary. However, appropriate documentation from the school must be provided to show eligibility for additional services.

Hunter College Campus Schools’ CSE Liaison

Much of the IESP process involves Hunter College Campus Schools’ CSE Liaison.
The role of the HCCS CSE Liaison is the following:
  • Support in the initializing process
  • Support existing Services (once IESP active)
  • Communicate with parents and the CSE
To contact our HCCS Special Education Liaison & Retention Specialist, Ms. Eri Silverstein:
(w) 212-396-7480