Departmental Philosophy

Competency in a second language is an essential tool in an increasingly diverse population and global community. The development of fluency in another language allows one to better understand and appreciate other cultures as well as their own. The goal of second language instruction at Hunter College High School is the development of the ability to communicate in the target language. Students are expected to progress to an advanced level in their chosen language. As students progress through the program their ability to communicate will become increasingly sophisticated, as will the content and scope of the topics and issues involved. Those topics and issues will ultimately include: facts about social class, religion, ethnicity, or in the larger community; values and beliefs; art, music, history, and literature; information about and reactions to historical and contemporary events, or, in the case of Latin, in learning about the cultures of antiquity. While structural accuracy is emphasized and will improve with time, the real focus is on teaching students to decipher and create language to achieve meaningful communication. The skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing acquired in the study of their chosen language will give students the necessary tools to learn other languages, and provide avenues to connect with and explore other cultures.

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