Math Department Course of Study

All Hunter College High School students must complete a five-year sequence in Mathematics, beginning in grade 7. Required final examinations are given in June for each of these courses. New York State Regents Mathematics Examinations are not offered at Hunter College High School.

The department is cognizant of the many changes that have taken place in New York State’s mathematics curricula: from the sequential mathematics program, to the Mathematics A/ Mathematics B/Pre-Calculus program, to the current Integrated Algebra/Integrated Geometry/Algebra II and Trigonometry program. The department reviewed the current (March 2005) New York State Mathematics Core Curriculum MST Standard 3 document. In addition, we reviewed the curricula for Math A, Math B, Pre-Calculus, Integrated Algebra, Integrated Geometry, and Algebra II and Trigonometry available on the Association of Mathematics Assistant Principals Supervision of New York City (AMAPS) website. Over the years, we have made revisions to our curriculum, incorporating some of the changes taking place statewide. However, we feel that our curriculum covers the topics in an order and level of difficulty suited to our students. Our detailed course outlines demonstrate that the depth and breadth of coverage of all mathematical topics presented throughout our curriculum surpasses the state’s standards. In addition, we are able to create final examinations that are more appropriate for the level of our students, and more challenging than the Regents Examinations themselves. That is why we don’t offer Regents Mathematics Examinations at Hunter College High School.

Beginning in the eighth grade, two programs, Honors (H) and Extended Honors (E), are offered. The Honors Program was originally based on the New York State Sequential Mathematics curriculum, supplemented by additional topics and enrichment. The Extended Honors Program was originally based on the Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum Improvement Study (SSMCIS) Program. It includes many advanced topics and requires extensive preparation and a considerable commitment of time to the study of mathematics.

In the spring of each year, it is determined which program seventh grade students will take in the eighth grade. The determination is based on the results of the Math 8 Placement Test, given to any seventh grade student who wishes to be considered for the Extended Honors Program, and on the Department's consideration of the student's overall mathematical performance. Students in the Honors Program may qualify to transfer to the Extended Honors Program. By the end of the school year, students in Math 8H and Math 9H who receive an (A+) for the first semester and maintain an (A+) average throughout the second semester will be evaluated by the department for automatic transfer from H to E. Students in Math 10H are not eligible to transfer to Math 11E.

After completing Math 11, students may enroll in our Advanced Placement electives, which include Advanced Placement AB Calculus, Advanced Placement BC Calculus, Advanced Placement Statistics, and Advanced Placement Computer Science. Other non-Advanced Placement electives include Calculus, Computer Science I, and Mathematics Seminar/Problem Solving.

Hunter College High School offers an extensive Math Team program for students who enjoy the challenge of grappling with difficult problems and who wish to enrich their knowledge of mathematics. The existence of a Seventh Grade Math Team, Eighth Grade Math Team, Ninth Grade Math Team, Junior Math Team, and Senior Math Team ensures an appropriate setting for all students who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity. Math Team participants may compete in various city, state, and national competitions. Student interest is the sole criterion for membership on our Teams.
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