Welcome to Hunter College High School's Counseling Office!

The goal of the Counseling Department is to help students benefit from every aspect of the school experience. The staff is available to students, parent(s)/guardian(s) and teachers for discussion of students’ academic, personal or future planning concerns.

The primary role of the counselor is to assist students in the development of awareness of themselves and their environment and to translate that awareness into actions which enable them to fully realize their potential.

Counseling Office

Main Phone 212-860-1268
Fax 212-860-1127

Colleen Hennessy, Department Chairperson
212-860-1251, chenne@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu

Jacqueline Greaves, Administrative Assistant
212-860-1268, jgreaves@hunter.cuny.edu

School Counselors

Colleen Hennessy, Department Chair and Counselor Grades 10-12

Whitney Ford, Grades 7-9

Rebecca Mariotti, Grades 10-12

Joe Napolitano, Grades 7-9

Brenda Meyers, grades 10-12

Dr. Sunny Suh, grades 10-12

Services Overview

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Transcript Requests

In light of COVID-19, all current student, former student, and alumni transcript requests must be submitted online.
Requests should be sent to Ms. Jacqueline Greaves at jgreaves@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu.

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  • Current Student Transcript Request Instructions

    If you are a HCHS student requesting a transcript, complete, sign and have your parent/guardian sign, the “Current Student Transcript Request Form”.  Then, email it to Ms. Greaves at jgreaves@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu.  For seniors, this request (if being sent to a college), must also include an SSR form.  Counseling Department will mail ‘Official’ transcripts from our office directly to a third party (college, scholarship organization, employers, etc).  However, if you need to receive an "Official" transcript in person please notify us in your email.  Please note, a transcript remains "official" if it remains in a sealed envelope.  It is "unofficial" if opened.
    PROCESSING PERIOD and SCORES Please note, there might be as much as a two week processing period.  Standardized test scores do not appear on transcripts.
  • Specific Information For Alumni/Former Students Transcript Requests

    If you are a HCHS alumnus/alumna or former student requesting a transcript, please complete and sign the “Alumni/Former Student Transcript Request Form”.  Then, email it to Ms. Jacqueline Greaves at jgreaves@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu.  You must include: your name (former name if applicable), DOB, graduation/last attending year, contact person, addresses where transcripts should be sent, your current address and phone number.

    Mail the original signed form and include a check or money order for $6 per transcript request.  Please make the check or money order to Hunter College High School and on the memo line write Transcript Fee.
    This request should be mailed to:

    HCHS Counseling Department
    Transcript Request
    71 East 94th Street
    New York, NY 10128

    PROCESSING PERIOD and SCORES Please note, there might be as much as a two week processing period.  Standardized test scores do not appear on transcripts.
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