Elementary School Psychology Resources

Our mission is to advocate for children by paving the way for the development of highly effective, mutually beneficial communication between families, school professionals and other respective disciplines by providing referrals and clinical interventions as needed.

At Hunter College Campus Schools, our goal is to continue advocating for students to have a healthy relationship with mental health. We are working to ensure that students have a positive relationship with mental health and wellness services. The psychology resources at HCES include Marina E. Diaz K12 School Psychologist, and Psychology Fellows (one assigned to the HS and the other to the ES) who rotate on two year clinical placements at HCCS.
As Hunter College Campus Schools K12 School Psychologist I work closely with both the elementary school and high school.  I work collaboratively with the ES Student Support Team and the HS Assistant Principals and Counselors. Prior to joining Hunter College Campus Schools, I had over a decade of experience confronting and challenging the inequities in education, mental health and social justice. As a School Psychologist, I’ve evaluated students to formulate educational pathways that were truly student-centered, resulting from the strength-based approach by highlighting the complexity of distinctions between language acquisition, learning disabilities and mental health.

Marina Diaz
K12 School Psychologist


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