Welcome to Hawk's Nest on behalf of all the after-school staff and administration! We are excited to serve our Hunter community by providing expectational after-school opportunities for your children to explore, enhance, and celebrate their unique talents. Our Hawk's Nest team is dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment that supports our students' needs and interests by fostering community and equality in our program. Our goal is to create an after-school experience where your children will have the opportunity to form new friendships with peers across grade levels and participate in various community-building activities and events. 

We look forward to having your children in Hawk's Nest!

Program Overview

Hawk's Nest Afterschool Program runs from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on school days. The program is divided into Fall (September to January)  and Spring (February to June) semesters. A general day in Hawk’s Nest begins with snack time in the cafeteria from 2:30pm to 2:45pm. Please ensure to pack your child a nutritious snack. Hawk's Nest does not provide snacks, and elementary students are prohibited from using vending machines. Students are picked up from the cafeteria by their after-school teachers at 2:45pm and are escorted to their classroom for enrichment classes. Students are released from their enrichment classes at 4:00pm. Our first round of dismissal begins at 4:10pm. Please allow time for your child to pack up their belongings and make their way to dismissal. Students who are enrolled in clubs or study nests will be picked up by their club leaders or tutors from the cafeteria at 4:10pm and are escorted to their designated classrooms. Students are released from clubs and study nests at 5:00pm and are escorted to the courtyard (or the cafeteria during bad weather) for a free play session until they are picked up by a parent or guardian no later than 5:30pm. 

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the registration process?

    Registration is completed online during registration period. The cost of tuition varies depending upon how many classes you choose. Payment must be made with a credit or debit card online only.

    Throughout the semester there may be new class offerings which we will inform you about via email. For these classes, instructions will be provided in the email about the process. 
  • What kind of payment method do you use?

    Cash, credit or check. 
  • What type of credit card is accepted?

    All major credit cards.
  • What are the dates of the program?

    Fall 2022 Semester Starts on Monday, September 12 and ends on Friday, January 27, 2023.
  • What are the hours of the program?

    All classes begin at 2:45PM after dismissal and end at 4:00PM. After classes, your child has the option to participate in Homework Helpers or Indoor/Outdoor Play which are both supervised activities. If you decide to allow your child to stay for Homework Helpers or Indoor/Outdoor Play you must pick them up no later than 5:30PM. 
  • If I pick up my child early, what entrance do I come through?

    Parents/caregivers may enter and wait at the 94th Street entrance lobby. The Lobby front desk will call our office for your child and we will bring them to you. 
  • What are the dismissal procedures?

    Students are dismissed at the 95th Street playground exit. Due to health and safety protocols, caregivers must not come onto the courtyard to pick up their child. Instead, we ask that you inform one of our Hawk's Nest staff members of your name, your child's name, and have a form of ID available and ready. Once our staff has verified that the caregiver is approved to pick up the child, the caregiver must then sign the student out. Pick-up begins at 4:00PM and ends at 5:30PM.
  • At what time does late pick up fee start when school is dismissed for un-enrolled students?

    We expect all students to be picked up on time once they are dismissed from regular school. As a courtesy, we provide you with a 30 minute grace period from 2:30PM-3:00PM to collect your child via the 94th street entrance.  If your child is still at school after 3PM, they will be brought to the Hawk’s Nest office.  A $10 late fee will be added per 15 minutes if your child remains with Hawk’s Nest after 3:00PM.
  • At what time does late pick up fee start when the program ends for Hawk's Nest students?

    After our final programs end at 5:30PM, a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for any child picked up after 5:30PM.
  • If you already know me, why do I have to sign out?

    Due to the safety of our students, all parents and caregivers must sign their child out during pick up. Signing out your child helps to keep them safe by allowing us to keep track of who they were with at the time they left our campus. We must have a written record of whose care the child was released into from school even if our staff member's know the individual.

    For this reason, we ask that you kindly cooperate and sign your child out from Hawk's Nest. Please be sure to print your name clearly when you sign your child out and note the time of departure.  
  • What is Aftercare and when is it offered?

    Aftercare supports working families looking to extend the half day beyond 11:30AM to 5:30PM. Students participate in high quality sports or enrichment classes. An email will go out to all parents of Hunter a week in advance of the half day to confirm their child's spot.
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