High School Psychology Resources

Our mission is to advocate for children by paving the way for the development of highly effective, mutually beneficial communication between families, school professionals and other respective disciplines by providing referrals and clinical interventions as needed.

At Hunter College Campus Schools, our goal is to continue advocating for students to have a healthy relationship with mental health. We are working to ensure that students have a positive relationship with mental health and wellness services. The psychology resources at HCCS include Marina E. Diaz K12 School Psychologist, Dr. Francesca Schwartz as our HS Clinical Psychologist Consultant, Dr. Gina Lipton as our Wellness Consulting Psychologist and two Psychology Fellows (one assigned to the HS and the other to the ES) who rotate on two year clinical placements at HCCS.
As Hunter College Campus Schools K12 School Psychologist I work closely with both the elementary school and high school.  I work collaboratively with the ES Student Support Team and the HS Assistant Principals and Counselors. Prior to joining Hunter College Campus Schools, I had over a decade of experience confronting and challenging the inequities in education, mental health and social justice. As a School Psychologist, I’ve evaluated students to formulate educational pathways that were truly student-centered, resulting from the strength-based approach by highlighting the complexity of distinctions between language acquisition, learning disabilities and mental health.

Marina Diaz
K12 School Psychologist
As the HS Consulting Psychologist, I consult with students, faculty and parents. I am here to build a rapport with the students, support the efforts of the counseling team, and join parents in thinking about how best to usher their children through this critical period in their development. As developmental concerns or specific issues come up regarding your children, please feel free to reach out to me at this email. We will be able to set up a time to chat, meet in person (what a delightful phrase) or see how best to meet the needs of your family. I will also be working with the PTA to sculpt conversations with each of the grade levels of parents in the high school and so you can also write to your representatives of the PTA about topics and issues you would like me to address when we come together.

Dr. Francesca Schwartz
HS Consulting Psychologist

Wellness Consulting

Dr. Gina Lipton is Hunter High School’s Wellness Consulting Psychologist. She is a licensed psychologist with a background in sport/performance psychology and wellness issues and has experience working with students from Grade 6-College. Dr. Lipton is available to meet with students to discuss wellness and performance related issues (e.g. managing stress; sleep; performance enhancement in the realms of school, sport or performance).  In addition she will be working with the Big Sibs and Peer Leaders to maximize their ability to offer support to the younger students with whom they work.


List of 3 members.

  • Marina Diaz 

  • Francesca Schwartz 

  • Gina Lipton