Kindergarten Admissions for Entry in Fall 2022

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  • Procedure Intro Text

    The Hunter College Elementary School admissions process for kindergarten entry in fall 2022 is now closed.
    • Notifications about advancement to Round 2 will be sent on a rolling basis, beginning Friday, December 10, 2021.
    • Only those advancing to Round 2 will receive additional information about the process.
    • HCES does not share Round 1 scores or feedback on Round 1 performance.

The Kindergarten Application Process

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  • Age Requirement

    Applicants for the September 2022 kindergarten class must have been born during 2017: January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
  • Residency Requirement

    Only NYC* residents may apply and enroll into HCES. Parents must be able to document their primary home address in NYC as of the date of application and must remain residents of NYC as long as the child attends HCES. All families whose child advances to Round 2 (of the application process) are required to submit a copy of the 2020 IT-201 New York State income tax form to prove NYC residency, as of the date of application. Addresses that contain a P.O. Box, a business name, “in care of” a third party, or addresses outside of NYC will not be accepted. Proof of residency cannot be proved with utility bills, vehicle registration, bank statements or insurance cards. You are welcome to contact the office directly with residency questions at, or at 212-860-1401.

    *NYC is defined as the five boroughs and does not include Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.
  • The Application Requirements and Process

    The application system for entry in fall 2022 is now closed.

    The deadline to apply was Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 4:00pm. Applications must have been fully submitted by this date. (Previously saved applications may not be submitted after this date and time.)

    Families are encouraged to read all of the information provided here before attempting to create, edit or submit an application. Failure to read this information may result in confusion or disqualification.

    When a new account is created, an application ID code is emailed to the parent who created the account (primary parent), along with instructions for editing and submitting the application. The application is accessible via the link included in the email OR by copying and pasting the ID code into the address bar (URL bar).

    NOTE:  If applying for twins, a separate application must be submitted for each child. Parents must create the applications with different, unique email addresses.

    The non-refundable application fee is $70.00, payable online by credit/debit card using our secure system. An application is complete ONLY when payment is received. (Financial assistance for the application fee is available. Please visit the "Reduced Fee" section of this website for detailed information, or contact the Admissions Office directly at 212-860-1401.)
    With the submission and payment of an application, two confirmation emails are sent:
    1. one email acknowledging the receipt of your payment;
    2. one email with instructions for the next steps in the process.

    The second email includes all information needed to schedule an appointment for Round 1 testing. This email includes:
    1. A list of HCES-approved testers,
    2. the child’s HCES-ID number, and
    3. the deadline by which the Round 1 testing must occur.

    (If you do not receive either of these confirmation emails, your application may NOT have been submitted properly; you must ensure submission.)
    Once the application is submitted, parents will have a certain time frame in which to arrange for and complete Round 1 testing. Families are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible. Round 1 testing schedules become less flexible as the application season progresses; it might become difficult to secure a more desirable appointment date. Parents should ensure their availability over a three - four week period following application submission.

    Contact information for testers is emailed to the adult listed as "Parent 1" on the application. Families may contact ONLY ONE of the testers on the list to check availability and/or schedule an appointment; contacting more than one tester to check availability will result in disqualification. (Please re-read the last sentence). When contacting the tester for availability, be prepared to provide the child’s ID number and deadline date by which the testing must occur; this information is needed by the tester in order to confirm the appointment. In certain cases, a tester may extend the deadline, with permission from the Director of Admissions - this will NOT be done at the request of the parent. Parents may NOT request extensions.

    **All families will be notified via email if their child is (or is not) advancing to Round 2.**

    The second phase of the application process will take place after Round 1 testing is complete and all Round 1 data is received by the admissions office from the testers. Round 2 will not occur before January 2022.

    Only those who advance to Round 2 will be given additional information about the Round 2 process. Only those who advance to Round 2 will be given further consideration for admission or for the wait list.

    In-person open house events will be suspended in fall 2021; we hope to make available a virtual open house link at a later date. 
  • Sibling, Twin, and Legacy Policy

    In an effort to make the opportunity to attend HCES available to as many families as possible, we do not grant preference to siblings of current students or HCCS alumni. Every applicant is evaluated on his or her individual merits. The admissions decision for one sibling has no bearing on the admissions decision for another.

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  • How to Apply

    The admissions process for fall 2022 entry is now closed.
  • Visiting HCES

    In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, open house and other events that showcase HCES (in person) will be suspended in 2021-2022. There will be other opportunities to "visit" us virtually and receive answers to many of your questions from HCES Administrators. 

    Traditionally, we have been able to invite for a visit the parents of children who are offered admission or placement on the wait list. At that time, parents of admitted children are able to visit classrooms, and meet the principal, faculty, and other staff before submitting enrollment paperwork for their child.
    It is our regret that we cannot accommodate all who are interested in seeing HCES in person as they start the application process.

    NOTE: Far more children seek admission to the Hunter College Elementary School than can be accommodated. Our process is solely for selecting children for admission to our small school.