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    Hunter College Elementary School (HCES) recognizes the difficulty for some families to pay the fees associated with the HCES admissions process: the application fee and the fee for Round 1 testing.
    Families may request a reduced application fee if they: 
    1. Qualify for free or reduced-price lunch (see chart below),
    1. Are experiencing other financial difficulties, or
    1. Demonstrate financial need in accordance with the guidelines listed below:
      1. The child is a foster child or a ward of the state and is considered a household of one person. Court documentation required.
      2. The child's family is receiving some form of public assistance from a city, state, or federal agency. Agency documentation is required.
      3. The child is a member or legal ward of a family with gross annual income/resources at or below the levels listed in the chart at the bottom of this page.

    If qualified, the parent/guardian must complete and submit the application by:
    1. Checking the "reduced fee request" box on the application;
    2. Select "CHECKOUT" on the screen;
    3. Pay the reduced fee of $20.00;
    4. Provide income documentation as outlined in the “reduced fee” email. Acceptable documents are the 1040 tax return (for 2022), or proof of public assistance.

    HCES Admissions will contact families regarding the status of the reduced fee request. It is possible to be approved for a full or partial waiver of Round 1 testing fees.

    Contact the Admissions Office at or 212-860-1401 if you are unsure about your eligibility or need assistance.

    FAMILY SIZE2023-2024 Income Numbers
    For individuals$26,973
    For a family of 2$36,482
    For a family of 3$45,991
    For a family of 4$55,500
    For a family of 5$65,009
    For a family of 6$74,518
    For a family of 7$84,027
    For a family of 8$93,536
    For a family of 9+Add $9,509 for each add'l family member

    For additional information about the income eligibility guidelines, CLICK HERE.