Are You Connected to a Headstart Program or Community-Based Organization? If so, you might be eligible for reduced or waived application and/or testing fees.
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Reduced Fee Application

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    The application fee must be paid at the time of submission. However, students in foster care, or those from low-income households, or those who demonstrate financial need based on the federal guidelines listed below, will qualify for a reduced application fee AND/OR reduced testing fees for the elementary school process. Any one of the following will be considered:
    • Is the applicant a foster child or a ward of the state, and is s/he considered a household of one person*? (Official documentation from the court or social service agency must be provided.)
    • Does the child's family receive some form of public assistance from a city, state, or federal agency? (Official documentation must be provided.)
    • Is the child a member or legal ward of a family with year 2019 gross annual income/resources at or below the following levels? (2019 tax returns must be provided.)
    *1 family member - $23,605 
    2 family members - $31,894
    3 family members - $40,182
    4 family members - $48,470 
    5 family members - $56,758
    6 family members - $65,046
    7 family members - $73,334
    8 family members - $81,622
    *”Household size” is counted as the person who files the taxes AND the number of dependents listed on the family’s current tax statement. 

    Income guidelines are based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines of the National School Lunch Program, effective 7/1/2020 – 6/30/2021.

    For each additional member, add $8,288.
    If eligible, the family must request the reduced fee at the end of the application submission. When the “Checkout" section of the application appears on the screen, the family must pay the $20.00 fee. After making that payment, the family must email the income documentation for BOTH PARENTS to the Admissions Office. If this documentation is not provided to Admissions, the application will not be processed.

    Instructions for this part of the process will be emailed to the parent after the application is created.

    Income documentation must be in the form of 2019 (1040) tax returns, or official documentation of public assistance or grant awards (i.e. budget letter).

    If the reduced fee request is not approved, or if you have additional questions about eligibility, please contact us via email as follows:

    Elementary School Applicants: (212-860-1401)
    High School Applicants: (212-860-1261)

    (The admissions staff is working remotely in response to the coronavirus outbreak. If you prefer, you may reach us via phone and leave a message; we are checking voice mails regularly throughout the day and will return the call within 24 hours.)