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    Hunter College Elementary School (HCES) recognizes the difficulty for some families to incur the fees associated with the HCES admissions process: the application fee and the fee for Round 1 testing. Thus, families who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, or who demonstrate financial need in accordance with the guidelines listed below, or who are experiencing other financial difficulties may apply for a reduced application fee and for waived testing fees. Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at 212-860-1401 regarding eligibility questions.

    The application still must be completed and submitted, with the "reduced fee request" box selected.

    If qualified, the parent/guardian must complete the application. Once the application is saved and submitted, the parent/guardian will select "CHECKOUT" on the screen. At that time, the parent/guardian may request the reduced fee AND pay the reduced fee of $20.00. Once paid, parents/guardians will receive an email with  instructions on submitting the income documentation for BOTH parents/guardians. Documentation must be submitted in the form of 2021 1040 tax returns, or documentation of grant awards/public assistance. If you need assistance meeting these requirements or gathering your documents, please call the Admissions Office at 212-860-1401.
    If your request to pay a reduced application fee is not approved, you will be required to pay the balance of the $50.00 application fee. The $30.00 balance must be paid as soon as you receive notification from the Admissions Office.

    It is possible to be approved for a full waiver of Round 1 testing fees OR approved for a partial waiver of Round 1 testing fees.

    • The child is a foster child or a ward of the state and is considered a household of one person. *You must provide documentation from the court or an appropriate social service agency.
    • The child's family is receiving some form of public assistance from a city, state, or federal agency and official documentation is provided with this request.
    • The child is a member or legal ward of a family with year 2021 gross annual income/resources at or below the following level (as documented by the tax return):
    *1 family member - $25,142
    2 family members - $33,874
    3 family members - $42,606
    4 family members - $51,338
    5 family members - $60,070
    6 family members - $68,802
    7 family members - $77,534
    8 family members - $86,266

    *Household size is the number of dependents plus the filer on the family’s current tax statement. 
    Income levels are based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.
    For each additional member, add $8,732.