For General Requests or Questions

If you have an tech question or request please use the regular helpdesk tickting system that we use on campus. This is for problems that don't need an immediate solution.

The ticketing system requires your NetID and password. It's the same credentials you use to access your email and school Wi-Fi.

For Immediate support needs

If you have a tech question that requires an immediate resolution you can contact us by using the Tech Support chat room.

Please be mindful about this service.  Treat it like you were to walk up to our office on campus.
Note: This tool will allow you to communicate with members of tech support quickly.  Also, with this tool, you'll be able to message others members of facilty the same way.  Talk to your department to see if this tool will be useful for you.

This tool is NOT active for students.


The following instructions are for using Hangouts Chat on your web browser to contact Tech Support.
Use the link below to open the Chat web app (no installation required) and make sure you are logged into your work Google account. Chat will not work with a different/personal account.

Click here if you want to learn more about Hangouts Chat

List of 6 items.

  • Search Bar

    Once you successfully open Chat you will see a Search bar on the top left corner of the window.
    Click on the search Bar.
  • Browse rooms

    Once you click on the search bar, a menu with 4 options will appear.
    Click on Browse rooms.
  • Join Room

    After you click Browse rooms you will see the Tech Support room that corresponds to the School level you are part of.
    Click on the plus + icon to Join the Tech Room.
  • Open Room

    After you join the room, click the Open button to open the room.
  • New Thread

    Click this button (bottom of window) to open a new chat thread.
  • Submit

    Type a request in the field that appear then press <Enter> to submit a question or request.