Instructions for Spring 2023 (Updated 3/16/2023!)

Calendly is an online tool that lets you organize parent-teacher conferences with control and flexibility. 

With Calendly you can set a limit on how many meetings you take in a day, and add buffers so you never have to worry about too many back-to-back meetings. Additionally, all of your scheduled meetings will show up automatically within your 'Upcoming Meetings' in Zoom. 

How to get started

If you are new to Calendly this year, please follow the instructions "New to Calendly."
If you have already used Calendly for PTC last term then follow the instructions "Modify Calendly from last term."
A general suggested order of operation is stated below in Overview Steps.
Overview Steps (A Guideline):
  1. Set up/configure the Parent Teacher Conference event.
  2. (If applicable) Reserve the group/open sessions.
  3. Invite select parents for one-on-one sessions with the event link.
  4. (If applicable) Invite classes for the open sessions with open session Zoom links.
  5. (If applicable) Invite parents for any remainder one-on-one sessions with the event link.
Important recommendation regarding emailing large groups of parents at once:
  • Basically don't do it all at once.  It is highly recommended that you email classes separately and space them out by about 10/15 minutes each.   If you do not, you risk locking out your email account.  There is a limit to how many outside email address (aka, parents and students) you can send to within a short period of time.
  • I also recommend, that if you need to do overview steps 4 & 5, that you do them together so you do are not sending emails to all of your parents twice.

New to Calendly

Please use the links below and then come back to the list of instructions to continue.

Step 5.

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Modify Calendly from last term

Step 3.

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Collecting Parents Email Addresses

Sending your Calendly Link to Parents

Refer here if you need more help with Calendly,

Or simply submit a ticket, and someone from ICIT will help you get started.

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