Racial Equity Task Force

Presidential Taskforce to Advance Racial Equity

Advancing Change
The Presidential Task force to Advance Racial Equity was created by President Jennifer Raab to explore practices, policies, programs and procedures that will confront barriers and ensure equitable community experiences at Hunter College. Convened in September 2020, the Task Force includes 100+ faculty, students and staff who, together with their communities, are preparing to make recommendations that will ensure racial equity throughout the Hunter community.

The Hunter College Campus Schools Committee of the Presidential Task Force to Advance Racial Equity is committed to building and maintaining a community that reflects the diversity of New York City. The work of its three subcommittees – admissions, curriculum, and culture and climate – is meant to strengthen the School’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by identifying needs and concerns, coordinating initiatives, and formulating actions that address these topics within all areas of the School’s community. Each committee will provide its recommendations directly to the President of Hunter College.

The Task Force is especially focused on the experience of students who are socioeconomically and/or ethnically underrepresented. In 2021, students who identify as African American/Black, Latin, and those with a lower socioeconomic status (SES) are underrepresented in the HCCS community, and will be referred to as such on this task force website.