5th grade students role play Supreme Court Case at Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse

HCES 5th grade students argued the case Speak Out! v. United States, which our partner, the Justice Resource Center describes as "Friends are enjoying a picnic in the park when a group of people set up to protest a toxic waste incinerator located nearby. A fight breaks out between the protesters and some picnickers, and the police demand that the protesters leave immediately. Activists who refuse to leave are arrested and taken to jail. Did the police violate the group’s right to free speech?" 

Students were introduced to relevant constitutional issues through class student and a culminating “role play” activity at the majestic Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse, Eastern District where HCES students have the opportunity to assume the role of attorney or Supreme Court Justice in a 1st Amendment case."  

Class parents (and even family members of Dr. Kruvi and Ms. McCabe!) who are lawyers and judges came in to introduce the students to the legal profession and work with the students on crafting effective briefs, oral arguments, and questions (for the justices). As part of the program, the students learned such concepts as clear and present danger, symbolic speech, expressive conduct, disorderly conduct, disturbance of peace, etc., and explored the limits of the First Amendment. 

Kudos to Dr. Kruvi and Ms. McCabe and all the 5th grade students and thanks to the Justice Resource Center for this opportunity.
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