HCHS RoHawks FIRST Team 3419 a Finalist in Tech Valley Regional Competition

The RoHawks, FRC Team #3419 debuted their 2024 Robot at the Albany Tech Valley Regional competition this weekend as a Finalist!  The team won the Judge's QUALITY Award that celebrates machine robustness in concept and fabrication.  The RoHawks were fast and accurate through the qualification matches ending in 7th place out of 51 teams with a record of 7:2:0 before joining Alliance 3 and battling the #1 team in the playoffs, ultimately forcing the Finals into the tie-breaking match, but lost 113 -80.

Congratulations to Co-Captains Emmett B and Jaemin K, Driver Brian G and the whole driver team, pit crew and scouting team for a weekend of dedication, focus and snow.  Special thanks to our corporate mentor, Adam Salem from Alliance Bernstein and HCHS RoHawks advisor Ms. Ong Ante.

The RoHawks have one more competition this season---April 5-7 here in NYC, Save the Date to support the RoHawks in our hometown at the Washington Heights Armory.

Watch one of our matches here:  RoHawks 3419 Tech Valley Qualification Match 64