HS students hear Holocaust survivor Maritza Farkas Shelley

The HS Social Studies Department hosted 95-year young Holocaust survivor, Maritza Farkas Shelley who told the story of her survival of the forced labor camps following the Nazi invasion of Hungary.   Thanks to the Ms. Jawanda and Ms. Eliasson for hosting this powerfully moving event.
HCHS is privileged to have had the opportunity to host Holocaust survivor Maritza Farkas Shelley.  She shared her experiences and answered questions from the students during 3rd period.  She graciously permitted us to record the event so that 11th grade students who could not attend in person will have the opportunity to watch the recording.  She left the audience with two specific thoughts:  make friends with different types of people so that you never believe the propaganda others perpetrate and be witnesses to her story; share what we have heard so that her story lives on.