Congrats to all the HCCS chess players at the 2023 National K-12 Grades Championship!

Congratulations on an amazing showing by the 55 HCCS students at the US Chess Federation's 2023 National K-12 Grades Championship in Orlando, FL this weekend.
Kudos to all the players and special thanks to all the parents who make participating in this competition possible.  HCCS is especially proud and grateful for the exceptional teaching and coaching of our students by FM Sunil Weeramantry, IM Farai Mandizha and Ben Gershenov.

Here is the HS team and individual results.
12th GradeHenry B.11th Grade Team - 3rd PlaceJack L. (8th place individual)
Kiren N.
Sean K.
10th Grade Team - 4th Place
Ian N. (tied for 10th place individual)Siddharth G-A.
Dazhen L.
Danil S.Bryan C.Emily T.
Erica B.
9th Grade Team - 5th Place
Lucas F. (2nd place for ratings 1600-1899)Royal B.Akshay  C.(2nd place for ratings under 1000)
Caitlin L.
8th Grade Team - ChampionMax C. (7th place individual)
Lisa S.
Hunter Q.
Amy B.
7th Grade Team - 4th PlaceAidan Erik A. (tied for 15th place individual)
Lucas M.
Fiona T.
Indira V.
Eleanor H.
Natasha J.
K-12 Blitz Team - 3rd PlaceKiren N(12th place individual), Ian N, Jack L, Bryan C