HCHS is the NYS CHESS CHAMPION! And Middle School Team is a Co-Champion!

Congratulations to the HCCS Chess Players!  Last weekend in Saratoga Springs, HCCS was a major force to reckoned with at the NYS Chess Championships! 
Over 40 HCCS students in grade 1- 11 participated in this year’s NYS Chess Championships.  Congratulations to all the participants and our championship teams!  As always, thanks to Coaches Sunil, Farai  and Chris for their dedication and support and to all the parents who make this possible.
HCCS brought home the following titles: 
HS State Champions
MS State Co-Champions (1st place on tie breaks)
4th Place – Primary Team
HS Team Members:
Ian N, Kiren N, Jack L, Siddharth Ganti-agrawal, Henry B, Sean K and Boris M

Individual Awards were presented to
9th grader Erica B – 1st place K-12 U1200
3rd grader James B – 2nd place U1000 class prize in Primary Championship Section
5th grader Christian B – 2nd place U1500 class prize in Elementary Championship Section
Chess Team Participants
Grade 1:  Charles B, Sage K, Meghan L, Jack N
Grade 2:  Jayden C, Dylan C-S, Noah H, Alexander I, Owen M, Owen Mc, Dena W
Grade 3:  James B, Asher C, James L, Tejas P, Diana S
Grade 4: Santiago F-A, Aidan M, Ayan S, Mason Z, Caleb Z
Grade 5: Christian B, Charles B
Grade 6:  Eleanor H, Indira V
Grade 7:  Amy B, Max C, Benjamin H, Lucien J, Maxime J, Oliver M
Grade 8:  Meera B, Royal B, Lucas F, Morgan M, Romir M
Grade 9: Erica B, Siddharth G-A, Boris M, Ian N
Grade 10:  Sean K, Jack L, Kiren N
Grade 11:  Henry B