HCHS wins major awards at International Science & Engineering Fair

Three HCHS students, Junior Brian L., Senior Jaeah K., and Senior Neha M. competed in the International Science and Engineering Fair and all won significant awards.  Special accolades to Neha for achieving the highest placement in HCHS's history of participating in ISEF.   Click on link below and pictures for more information.  Congratulations!
Brian L. won an honorable mention from the American Statistical Association. Brian investigated racial disparities in cancer by computationally analyzing various biomarkers. 
Jaeah K. won a $1,200 awards from China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and a 3rd place award of $1,000 in the category of Cellular and Molecular Biology. Jaeah studied selfish genes - RNAi-mediated Intragenomic Conflict and made progress in our understanding of how certain organisms are promoting female offspring.
The big winner was Senior Neha M. who placed higher than any student at Hunter ever has in this program.   She won 1st place in the category of Microbiology and also won one of the top awards in the entire international fair for the best of all of the category winners. There are only 7 top award winners out of 1,800 ISEF finalists from 64 countries and Neha was in the top 7 internationally winning the Robert Horvitz prize for Fundamental Research which grants a monetary award as well. In addition, she won a second award from the Patent and Trademark Office Society, and the Zeiss First Award in Applied Microbiology for which she won a ZEISS Primostar Microscope.

We are so proud of our student scientists and our High School science research program--Congratulations to the participants and supportive faculty, Dr. Jeffery, Chair of the Science Department, Mr. Frankel and Ms. Reiss!

You can learn more about the program here: