Amazing Results at the 2019 National K-12 Chess Championships!

Congratulations to the HCHS National Chess Team at the 2019 National K-12 Grade Championships!
Congratulations to the HCHS Chess Team at the 2019 National K-12 Grade Championships, which took place over the weekend (December 13 - 15, 2019).  Fifteen of our team members participated in the 2019 National K-12 Grade Championships in Orlando, FL.  After 3 days of competition against some of the top chess teams in the country, the 9th grade team became champions in the 9th grade division and the 7th grade team finished 2nd in the 7th grade division.  

Special thanks to Hunter Coaches Sunil Weeramantry, Farai Mandizha, Mark Paragua, William Graif, and Ramon Lorente for supporting us and skittling the games.
Participants included:
7th Grade – Joshua C.(individual 15th place), Sean K., Jack L.(individual 3rd place), Sylvia M., Kiren N.(individual tied for 15th place), Timothy N.(individual tied for 13th place), Genevieve O., Jake Q. (individual tied for 15th place)
9th Grade – Connor D., Marcus M., Ella M., Bradley R., Dylan S., Auden W. and Brian W.(individual tied for 10th place)

Congratulations to all!  ---we're so proud of the HCES 2nd grade Championship Chess Team too!