HCES at NY State Girls Chess Championship

Congratulations to all the participants: 
HCES: Adelayo, Sofia, Diana, Carla, Audem, Ballard, Beatrice, Noa, Olivia, Sophie, Iris, Fiona, Indira and Tatiana
HCHS - Ella and Sylvia

The HCCS Chess Team competed in the following divisions (results listed)
K-1 Championship: 9th place team
K-3 Under 600: 4th place team
K-3 Championship: 4th place team 
Open Championship: 3rd place team
We also had some outstanding finishes in their sections from individual players:
Beatrice 4th Place (K-3 600)
Ella 8th Place (Open Championship)
Fiona 12th Place (K-3 Championship)
Noa 14th Place (K-3 600)