Congratulations to the JSHS science research participants!

Congrats to our Science Research Students who competed in the JSHS Competition. Five students were named Semi-finalists and competed in the Semifinals- Sai Vishu C. , Samantha C., Ari F., Maria (Masha) G. , Jeremy K., and Erta K.   At the Semifinals, Erta won 2nd place in the Chemistry Category, Jeremy won 1st place in Computer Science, and Maria (Masha) won 1st place in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Jeremy and Maria (Masha)'s 1st place wins also qualified them to be named Regional Finalists.

Jeremy and Maria (Masha) competed in the Regional Finals last weekend. Jeremy took first place in the entire region and Maria (Masha) took third. These rankings qualified them to be named National Finalists and they will compete in the JSHS National Finals in Washington, D.C. in April.