Medical Office

The Office of School Health (OSH) is a joint program of the New York City Department of Education and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). OSH provides health services and preventive services to DOE students. The Hunter College Campus Schools receives the services of a school nurse from the OSH.

The Medical Office is located in Rm. 102.
The hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily.
The telephone number is (212) 860-1298.

Report to the School Nurse if you are unable to use the stairs or need special assistance.
In the High School, condoms are available in the Counseling Office and the Health/Physical Education Office and at various annually announced sites.
All grade levels are required to participate in AIDS Workshops as scheduled.

List of 5 items.

  • Medication

    The appropriate Medical Administration Form (MAF, AMAF, AAMAF, or DMAF) must be on file with the Medical Room and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for any child required to take medication at school. Forms may be obtained from the Nurse, or online at the DOE web site listed below.
    • NOTE: HCCS follows the directions for MAFs; but the 504 Procedures are specific to the Campus Schools; do not use DOE 504 forms at HCCS. Please see HCCS 504 Plan information on our website.
    The forms include a section for the doctor to fill out and 2nd section for the parent to sign.
    Children with asthma, diabetes or allergies requiring an epipen must have the appropriate MAF on file.
    This form must be resubmitted annually, or if the medical situation changes and requires new directives.
    The nurse may not accept any medications without an approved MAF. It is advisable to speak with the school nurse about your child's medical problems.
  • The School Nurse

    Pursuant to Department of Health regulations, the nurse is not permitted to do any invasive procedures nor administer medication of any kind. The exception to this is any medication that has been prescribed for a child on daily basis or for treatment of an emergency condition like a food allergy.
    Notify the nurse if/when:
    1. your child is diagnosed with a communicable/contagious disease. A doctor's note of clearance to return to school must be submitted to the nurse and the attendance office before returning to class. The New York City Health Code requires that parents notify the school and the school nurse within 24 hours if your child is absent due to an infectious disease, has been exposed to, is a carrier of, or has recently been a carrier of the following infectious diseases: Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, Diphtheria, Food Poisoning, Hepatitis, Hemophilus influenza type B infection, Impetigo, Measles, Meningitis, Meningococcal disease, Mumps, Pertussis (Whooping cough), Poliomyelitis, Rubella (German measles), Salmonella, Streptococcal disease (Strep throat, including Scarlet fever), Tetanus, Tuberculosis.
    2. your child requires medication during the school day. No student is to carry medication unless there is a Medical Administration Form on file in the medical room. MAFs may be obtained from the medical room, the link on this page or the Department of Education website. Parents must bring any medication with the MAF (except for 1 Epipen and a shared use Ventolin canister). Students attending a school outing/field-trip need to bring their own medications with them as per the MAF instructions.
    3. your child is hospitalized for any reason please alert the nurse, and your child's counselor or Assistant Principal. Please send a doctor's note of clearance to return to school & PE classes/activities.
    Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) Medical Policy
  • A DOHMH Nurse IS permitted to:

    • See students on an emergency basis, notify parents and do necessary referrals and follow-up relating to that emergency.
    • Update and maintain records, physical, referrals and follow-ups.
    • Monitor students with chronic medical problems - asthma, diabetes, etc.
    • Help parents, teachers and school mitigate lice/nits/Train personnel/volunteers to do head checks on classes/Follow-up with students returning from absence due to lice
    • Administer medications as per Medical Administration Form (MAF or 504)
    • Update and maintain medical records.
    • Alert administration and staff to any medical problems according to HIPPA guidelines.
    • Conduct EPI Pen administration training and asthma classes for staff.
    • Monitor doctor sessions when needed.
    • Maintain open dialogue with parents, staff, outside providers and outside agencies (according to HIPPA guidelines).
    • Facilitate DOHMH programs and services.
  • A DOHMN Nurse is NOT permitted to:

    • Distribute: lozenges, cough drops, Chapstick or Vaseline, over-the-counter medication without a Medical Administration Form, Bacitracin or any ointment, contact lens solution, or tampons.
    • Remove: sutures, splinters, or teeth.
  • Head Lice Policy (All schools)

    There is now a "no head lice" policy for all NYC public schools, but no longer a "no nit" policy. Students found to have live head lice will be excluded from school and not allowed to return until they are lice-free. Students will be reexamined in 14 days to confirm that they have remained lice-free. Students with nits and no evidence of live head lice will not be excluded from school.