Elementary School News
Rise of the Super Hawks
On Sunday, September 10th, our Hunter Athletics Super Hawks competed in the 5th Avenue Mile.

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High School News
HCHS announces 6 Broadcom Masters Semifinalists
Congratulations to Hunter's 6 Broadcom Masters Semifinalists!
Broadcom Masters is the middle school equivalent of the Science Talent Search run by Society for Science and the Public. Congratulations to all the students! 
 Gaang C.Grade: 8th
Project Title: Effects of Nutrition on Silk Production
Andrei I. Grade: 8th
Project Title: The Impact of Asteroid Composition on Their Appearance, Morphology and Motion
Jaeah K.Grade: 9th
Project Title: Plastic, Unlike Money, Grows on Trees: A Novel Method of Creating Bioplastic with Cissus rombifoliaFoliage
Jaejeong K.Grade: 9th
Project Title: Plastic (Unlike Money) Grows on Trees: A Novel Method of Creating Bio Plastic with Cissus rhombifoliaFoliage
Helen L.Grade: 9th
Project Title: Using Flotation Systems to Harness Wave Power Using Electromagnetism
Evie S.  Grade: 8th
Project Title: The Effect of Treatment on a Cell's Calcium Release

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