HCHS has four Regeneron STS Scholars (semifinalists)!

Congratulations to Hunter's four Regeneron STS Scholars (semifinalists)!
Regeneron STS in the nation's most prestigious science competition.   This is a big accomplishment and we wish them congratulations and good luck with the finalist announcement in a few weeks!  We are so proud of them and their dedication to science research, especially during a pandemic that required their labs to go remote last summer.  Special thanks to Science Research coordinators Ms. Reiss and Mr. Frankel for their work supporting student research.
Krupa S.
Project Title: Discovering Population-Specific Epigenetic Markers for Pancreatic Cancer Through Examination of Chromatin Accessibility
William H.
Project Title: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Sequence Dependent Nucleosome Core Particles Unwrapping
Jaeah K.
Project Title: Save Our Sons: Exploring RNAi- Mediated Intragenomic Conflict in D. sim Through Genetic Sex-Ratio Assays
Neha M.
Project Title: Distinguishing Bacterial Motion Quantitatively: A Diagnostic Method for Intestinal Disease