Emergency Information

In case of emergency:
In the event of an emergency, the website will show up-to-the-minute information, including instructions about when and where you may pick up your child. Please make yourself familiar now with the school's emergency procedures, which are detailed in the HCHS Umbrella and the HCES Handbook available on the website.  The high school and elementary school have different emergency procedures. If you have children in both schools, please be familiar with the instructions for both schools.
If you have updated your cell number in the school's website directory, we will have the capacity (in emergencies) to send SMS messages to you.  We will only use this method of communication in emergency situations.
In addition, you may tune in to any of the following radio stations for news regarding the school:

  • AM Stations: WABC 770, WCBS 880, WFAS 1230, WMCA 570, WINS 1010, WLB 1190, WOR 710
  • FM Stations: WCBS 101.1, WFAS 104.0, WNYC 93.9, WBLS 107.5
If the administration or public officials declare a safety emergency, all students will be required to remain in the building. If evacuation is necessary, HS students will be moved to the 92nd Street Y at Lexington Avenue and 92nd Street. Keep a copy of your child’s schedule with you at all times and know his or her schedule of afterschool activities. Make sure your contact information is updated in the school website; if you need assistance, please contact HCCS-techhelp@hccs.hunter.cuny.edu
In the event of a family emergency:
To reach a student due to a family or medical emergency, call the HCHS Main Office at 212-860-1267 and they will make every effort to locate your child. In case of sudden illness, your child will be dismissed early only if you personally pick her/him up or have her/him sent home or to your workplace by taxi. Otherwise, s/he will remain with the school nurse.