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Welcome to the HCES Student Transportation Page.

At Hunter College Elementary School, the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation offers either a MetroCard or yellow bus service to our eligible students. 

For detailed information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.
Bus Registration
Q. Do I need to register my child every year for student transportation?

Q. We aren’t ready to start riding the bus, but we want to eventually. How do we register when we’re ready?

Q. Can my child ride different afternoon buses to accommodate his/her afterschool activities?

Q. HCES’ bus stops aren’t that convenient for us. Are there private bus companies?

Q. What is my child's NPSIS/Student ID number?
Bus Delays
Q. My child’s bus is late. How can I find out when the bus will arrive at my bus stop?
Text Message Notifications
Q. How do I register to receive SMS emergency text messages?

Q. When will I receive a SMS text message?

Q. The bus is more than 20 minutes late, and I have not received a text message from the school yet. What should I do?

Q. Can my caregiver receive SMS text message notifications also?
Bus Service
Q. Is there bus service on half days?
The Morning Bus
Q. When does the school bus start picking up the children?

Q. What happens to the children once the bus gets to Hunter?

Q. Is there a way to contact the driver on my route directly if the bus is late or we’re running slightly late?
The Afternoon Bus
Q. How do the children get to the bus after school?

Q. What if I only want my child to ride the afternoon bus on some days but not on others?

Q. What if I have an emergency, and I can’t meet the afternoon bus when it comes to drop my child off?

Q. Can my child ride on a different afternoon bus for play dates with other children?
Q. My child lost his/her MetroCard? How do I get a new card?

Q. Does my child’s MetroCard expire?

Q. Can I get a free MetroCard for my child and have my child ride the school bus, too?
Inclement Weather
Q. It’s supposed to snow badly tomorrow. What should I know?
Lost Items
Q. I think my child may have lost something on the bus. What do I do?